West Coast Life

Growing up on the West Coast of Canada I've always had an appreciation for nature.  The town I'm from Roberts Creek is about as West Coast as you can get.  Our first home was on Elphinstone Mountain just 5 min from the ocean.  My family grew up on 5 acres of rain forest land bordering nothing but crown land forest.  I always loved the quite and the sound of the wind and the birds.
We were also lucky enough to do a fair amount of traveling when we were kids.  We spent every other Christmas in Mexico which is where I was first introduced to Folk type artisan work and artifacts.  I was fascinated with the colorful embroidery and basketry as well as silver work and "opals" .   I remember on a trip to Hawaii when I was 11 touring local markets and learning the Hula.  I was amazed by the weaving of long grass into skirts and the beaded shell jewelry as well as black sea pearls.
My parents were teachers so every summer we spent long days at the beach and on summer camping trips.  I used to HATE camping ( we always went the tent and hot dog variety ) but now am glad I got to see my province, all the deserts and rivers and oceans.   Most of my adult life I've spent living in Vancouver which has all these things, plus so many beautiful towns to visit on the weekend.
Having Folk Fortune I'm able to enjoy some time in the summer with out the constrictions of a 9/5 of which I will be forever grateful as it reminds me of being a kid!