Gift Guide

Acrylic Chain Link Belt
White Lamb Fur Slippers
Large Pearl Earrings
1930's Mini Gold Crochet Bag
Red Lamb Fur Straw Slippers
90's Crystal Witch Bag
Sold Out
Flower Power Blue Beaded Rattan Clutch
Gold Chain and Pearl Earrings
Enamal Earrings
Pink Lamb Fur Straw Slippers
Natural Straw Slippers
Natural Rattan Bag with Chartreuse Beaded Handle
Grey Lamb Fur Straw Slippers
Pearl Bracelet
1930's Mini Silver Crochet Bag
Beaded Fair Trade Glasses Chain
Tortoise and Chain Belt
Straw Sandal Slipper
Positive Vibes, Beach Beaded Bag, pink rattan bag
Pearl Cluster Earrings
Pearlized Shell Dish Set
Sold Out
Peach Enamal Earrings
Wooden Beaded Bag
Beaded Clutch